Value Proposition

We aim to be a trusted partner to our clients by providing unbiased and timely advice across financial and non-financial needs. The core essence of our approach lies in fulfilling the client’s investment needs.

Expert advice from market professionals

We leverage our domain expertise across the financial services spectrum. Our Investment Strategy Committee comprises of the most experienced personnel across our organization who are instrumental in defining our market view and guidelines on asset allocation. So, our customers can be assured of quality financial services.

Intensive product selection process

Since we are totally committed to providing our customers with a personalized experience, our endeavour is to ensure that our clients have a range of innovative solutions and unique products to choose from. All our products and services are from the best providers in the industry selected after undergoing our internal due diligence process.

Strong service platform

We understand that our customers value comfort of interaction and convenience above all else. Keeping in mind this, we have ensured that our customers are being serviced through a strong bench of experienced and trained Financial Advisors. We also have dedicated Equity Advisors who specialize in providing customers with direct equity solutions. Our offering of online and mobile execution platforms for equities and other products ensures that our customers have a seamless platform for all transactions while our Associate Executives ensure seamless service delivery.

Design Your Own Financial Space

At ICICI Securities Private Wealth Management, we believe in helping you creating a blue print for yourself basis your financial goals and your life stage. You can count on us to provide you with personalized service and solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs. Keeping in mind your need for diversity, convenience and comfort, we provide you with a dedicated Financial Advisor who will assess your financial objectives objectively before assisting you in creating your portfolio as per your instructions. You can be rest assured that you will be spoilt for choice. Like everything else in your life which is unique to your lifestyle, your financial space will also be unique to you.

Our investment advice will guide you in maintaining, generating and protecting your wealth across generations.

Investment Needs

Design your investment portfolio with the best in class investment products carefully selected to ensure diversification and the fact that they are specific to your growth needs:

  • Equity solutions - research, broking and managed solutions
  • Fixed income solutions - access to primary and secondary markets along with managed solutions*
  • Alternate investment solutions*
  • Offshore investments*

Business Needs

  • Equity Capital
  • Debt Syndication
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Asset Monetisation

Value-added Services

  • Protection solutions*
  • Mortgages and loans*
  • Legal services#
  • Tax advisory services*
  • *ICICI Securities acts as a distributor for these third party products
  • #ICICI Securities refers business to partners for these products

At ICICI Securities Private Wealth Management, your financial decisions will be cushioned with the current and relevant market information for trading and long-term investing, which is provided by an independent research team which specialized in garnering the required inputs. In addition to this, your Relationship Managers will be available to analyse your investment needs from time to time in conjunction with you and create an investment roadmap for you. They will, after your acquiescence execute the investment plan.

A wide range of products across asset classes ensure that the financial solutions provided help meet the investment objectives that you have set for yourself and your family.

Diverse products and solutions

  • Equity investing

    Experience investing in equities for trading or long-term investment objective with

    • Direct Equity
      - Market Information from over 300 companies through a dedicated team of expert researchers
    • Mutual Funds
      - Access over 2,500 Mutual Fund Schemes and Exchange Traded Funds
      - Proprietary research methodology used to recommend best investment options
    • Portfolio Management Schemes
      - Open architecture philosophy to ensure that clients have access to amongst best of the breed Portfolio Management Schemes
    • Structured Products
      - Equity linked debentures offered based on in house market views and your risk appetite
      - Due diligence to ensure that only the best issuers are made available to you
    • Derivatives
      - Derivative strategies designed to take advantage of different market opportunities
      - Trading ideas

Fixed Income

    • Low-risk investments with steady and predictable returns
      - Invest in a range of debt instruments like bonds and deposits with good credit rating along with attractive
      - Access to the entire mutual fund universe
      - Mutual Fund debt schemes recommendations based on internal fund research and debt market view
    • Structured debt and notes
      - Facilitating access to structured debt instruments which are secured by property, shares or asset collateralization
      - Structured Notes with assured or conditional coupons linked to equity and gold
  • Alternate Investments

    Provide access, research and execution capabilities across alternative investments to achieve investment goals.

    • Real Estate
      - Invest in residential and commercial Real estate with access to pre-launch offers and attractive rental yields leveraging on the strong relationship with developer and strong market access through the referral model.
      - Invest in real estate funds from fund houses where due diligence done by I-Sec.
    • Private Equity and Venture Capital
      - Invest in carefully selected Private Equity (PE) or Venture Capital (VC) funds across various organisations by leveraging on institutional linkages to directly invest in early stage and growth companies.
    • Structured products
      - Diversify investment to other asset classes like Gold, Silver, Oil and other commodities through structured products
      - Structure investments in unlisted debentures, PMS schemes, Preference shares, convertible debentures, equity shares in Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s)
    • Global Investment
      - Experience online investing in over 13 US Stock Exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.
      - Diverse investment opportunities of Stocks listed on US Exchanges, Exchange Traded Schemes, Derivatives and Managed Products
    • Currency Trading
      - Leverage on research and trading ideas and hedge currency exposure with the online currency trading platform


Your Relationship Manager performs a analysis of your assets and will help you prepare a plan to protect you and your assets against unforeseen circumstances.

Security and Growth – two of your highest priorities will always be on the top of our minds!

  • Choice of whole life to family protection plans helps provide for the family in times of need during the term of the plan.
  • Customised solutions to provide the most suitable protection solutions like
    - Married Women’s Protection Act to secure the family against any liabilities
    - Liability protection solutions to repay all loans in case of death / disability
  • Health plans to protect family from associated cost.
    - Long term health insurance to protect from any exclusions / revisions in premia
    - Critical illness cover to ensure access to funds in emergencies and also to repay liabilities
    - Solutions to meet reimbursements for overseas hospitalisation & medical help
  • Flexibility through asset protection planning to protect assets against the defaults or frauds from creditors, employee, professional liabilities or other liabilities
  • Protection of income and guard against liabilities
    - Credit Insurance: to protect from defaults from creditors
    - Fidelity Insurance: to protect from employee frauds
    - D&O / Professional Indemnity: to protect from legal liabilities resulting from errors or neglect in discharging duties
    - Conventional Business Insurance: Marine, Fire & Engineering, Keyman, etc.

* Offered through ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd./ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd.


Capital Fund Raising/Investment Banking

Structured advice on raising capital from the Capital Market through IPO/ FPO and from the Institutional market through QIB and PE including advice on new accounting regulations (IFRS).

Estate Planning

Structured wealth distribution advice to create provisions for legal heirs and other beneficiaries through preparation and execution of Wills, setting up and management of Trusts.

Financing Solutions

Access to credit specialists whose expert counseling will help you in meeting your investment needs, acquisition needs as well as assist you in raising capital for new opportunities.

Benefit from the association of experts to provide fast and effective solutions

  • Liquidity:
    - Balance return and liquidity with a responsive overdraft and loan solutions on Fixed Deposits, Equity and Mutual Fund investments
  • Collateralized borrowing/Asset Financing
    - Financing options for acquisitions, construction of residential or commercial properties and business assets
    - Liquidity access against property or through lease rental discounts
  • Margin Funding/Leveraging
    - Achieve liquidity through assets to meet your investment objectives and overall financial needs. Obtain additional financial leverage through Loans against shares and, IPO and Promoter funding which are provided through our tie ups with ICICI Bank and various other NBFC’s.