We are committed to providing our customers with the best! This is the key mantra for our success. So, if you are one of those people who believes in continuously reinventing yourself and are committed to being the best at what you do, we have a platform for you to explore.

Who are we

ICICI Securities Private Wealth Management is one of the leading client centric wealth management players in the country. We are focused on becoming the leading private investment bank for our clients.

The organization is completely outfitted for sustainable growth and provides an excellent platform to those with a burning ambition to succeed in developing and building their careers. The opportunity to join a team of trusted wealth managers with innovative thinking and deep consumer insight is what awaits you!

Our Culture

Our DNA – Leadership Competencies

We have created an ecosystem around the DNA Anchors which employees are expected to demonstrate in all engagements. All our people policies and practices are designed around building a high performance culture right from hiring the right cultural fit, managing performance and succession planning.

We encourage our employees to act like entrepreneurs and take calculated risks. The Company is known for its nimbleness and agility in reacting to changing market dynamics. Our cultural ethos is embodied in our DNA Anchors (Leadership Competencies). There are a total of 10 DNA anchors which detail out expectation (in terms of leadership behaviours) from all employees. These DNA Anchors also articulate a set of behaviours called DYNAMIC behaviours which stand for Digital, Young, Nurturing, Agile, Mindful, Inclusive and Connected. These leadership competencies form the bedrock for the robust leadership potential assessment and leadership development processes followed by the Company. These processes identify and groom leaders for the future.


PLEDGE- Employee Value Proposition

We at ICICI Securities recognise the fact that professionalism, commitment and initiative shown by employees have been key to the growth and success of the organisation. Over the last many years, ICICI Securities has strived hard for creating a workplace which co-holds achievement orientation and care for all its stakeholders. Representing these aspects of our Company, we formally articulate our employee value proposition called “PLEDGE”.

Pledge is about nurturing a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship between the organisation and its employees through it’s 5 value propositions:

  • A work environment that facilitates the achievement of aspirational goals
  • Opportunities for personal growth of employees, as they work towards the Company’s growth and success
  • Standing by employees in their hour of need just as they go the extra mile for the organisation
  • A merit-oriented organisation, setting high performance standards and linking rewards to performance
  • An ethical organisation that is conscious of its larger role in society and in serving the nation. An organisation that continues to espouse principles of good governance and good business practices


If you are a go-getter, ready to take on challenges, then you should be with us. We encourage you to study our website to get an insight into our business before you apply.